It’s all about the presentation…

…or so they say.

This token bit of wisdom applies to many aspects of life: job interviews, impressing loved ones with your cooking, and of course, trying to influence minds and hearts in a controversial moral debate. Why, then, does so much pro-life media seem full of cheese?

No, not this kind of cheese.

I’m thinking of something more along the lines of this talking-fetus song from a right-wing pop band. What about that sappy letter from the point of view of a preborn child? In online comments and videos like this, he describes the first few weeks of his development to his mom before his life is taken by a medical professional who claims that his death is the antidote to her fears. (Somehow, he documents that, too.)

I know nobody believes that preborn children really have the ability to think just as an adult does (or an adult putting her words into a child’s mouth…*shudder*).  Nor do I know anyone who honestly believes pro-life people think this way. Still, why has there been a lack of understanding in regards to what our culture values and pays attention to? (Question: why have appeals to human rights worked so well in recent years?)

I’ll grant that appeals to God and sheer cuteness may work for some. It may be hard – frustrating, even – for us to be patient with people who do not seem to value every human person the way we do. I can understand the temptation to take shortcuts, of which there are many. Yet I wonder why some pro-life advocates rely on reasoning that many outside our community find incomprehensible or just plain weird. Why do we risk alienating potential supporters and making rash assumptions about the beliefs we share (or don’t)?

I’m not quite sure what the solution is. I doubt there is one perfect answer. Maybe some organizations need more support in order to produce projects of a higher caliber. Maybe we need to communicate our position more clearly. Perhaps I’m too critical, and these things I call cheese shouldn’t be discounted entirely.

…but if you ask me, we need more of this and less of those letters, please!


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