What’s a Canadian to do…

…while our neighbours to the south have their annual March for Life?

Feeling a bit left out? For most of us, Washington DC is a bit too far to travel. Here are five ways to add some pro-life awesomeness to what would otherwise be a plain old January day.

#5 – Be grateful that you’re Canadian and – hopefully – don’t need snazzy infographics to tell you how to dress for a snowy day outside. Flats may be pretty, but they are not safe or comfortable winter footwear for anyone outside of Florida. On the other hand, does anyone really need six layers of shirts and jackets?

#4 – Live vicariously through social media. Twitter is a great way to see what people are saying about their March experience in real time. Don’t have an account? Not sure who to follow? The #WhyWeMarch hashtag is a great place to start.

#3 – Learn more about the court case that legalized abortion in the US. Though some Canadians may already know the tragic circumstances surrounding the infamous Roe decision, Live Action has a helpful summary of its consequences.

#2 – Learn about the legal status of abortion in Canada. Some of us may not know that we have a somber anniversary of our own coming up.  Since January 28, 1988, Canada has been one of a handful of countries with no abortion restrictions whatsoever. How did we get here? Check out WeNeedALaw’s timeline and judges’ statements from the case for more.

#1 – Reminisce about last year’s Canadian March…and start making plans for this year’s. There are less than 4 months to go until thousands of Canadians converge on our country’s capital! It will be held on May 14th. If you’re not sure what to expect, or you want to relive the experience, check out this highlight video from Campaign Life Coalition:


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